Romero Jennings

United States
Started in 1980

About The Artist

For Director of Makeup Romero Jennings,

moving to New York from Jamaica aged five was a revelation. 鈥淭he snow was better than I imagined,鈥 he recalls. 鈥淎s soon as I saw it, I ran outside in my pajamas.鈥 A keen horticulturalist, his love of the outdoors and vibrant colour are met in his cultivation of hydrangea and geraniums. It鈥檚 one facet of his continual quest for beauty, which he believes is all around us. He works to advocate expression and inclusive beauty practices. It all started with his mom鈥檚 magazines and watching her apply lipstick as blusher. Since then, he鈥檚 been showing people how to reveal their innate beauty and enhance their most unusual assets.


鈥淚 love every part of the face. I enjoy watching the way the muscles move under the skin as someone is talking to me!  I love evaluating the face shape and thinking about ways to enhance and perfect the features through highlighting and sculpting with Hush Cream Color Base, Pink Opal and Tan Pigment, but the first M路A路C product I fell in love with was the colour eye shadows. I particularly like the shades Saddle and Chrome Yellow. I鈥檓 a big believer in colour, probably because I was born in a warm, bright country.鈥

A Brush with Fame

鈥淚 started working for M路A路C almost 20 years ago at the Henri Bendel location. Diana Ross would often come in and she would always complement my hair. One day she asked where I went to get it done. I told her and two weeks later she was back with a shoulder length style. She told me she had just come from my hair person!鈥

A Boy/Girl Thing

鈥淲earing makeup is a great confidence booster for men and women and can be undetectable for everyday life. Fast Response Eye Cream is my must-have pick for everyone! It is boosted with caffeine, which invigorates and exercises the eye area to make it more youthful, firm and hydrated. I think that this miracle eye gel works amazingly on guys and girls.鈥


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